Window Replacement Consent

As a leaseholder, you may be able to make changes or alterations to your property at your own expense, once you have obtained the appropriate consent in accordance with the terms of your lease. This will include installing replacement windows and external doors. However please note that not all leases are the same, so please contact us if you are considering replacing your windows or doors.

If you wish to replace your windows or external doors you will need to complete and submit the form below along with an administration fee of £144.00 inc VAT. Landlord’s consent will usually be granted within 7 days of receipt, subject to the specification meeting the current regulations and individual block requirements. Most landlords will not unreasonably refuse permission however, in some cases planning permission and/or Conservation Area Consent may also be required.

Landlords permission to undertake this type of work must be requested before commencing any work. If you have replaced your windows or doors without first obtaining the landlords permission you will need to apply for retrospective permission. If you decide to sell your property it is likely you will need to provide evidence to the purchaser that you have obtained the correct permission for the replacement windows/doors. You may not be able to complete the sale of your property until retrospective permission has been applied for and approved. Our fee for dealing with a desk based retrospective consent is £216.00 inc VAT.

If you are in doubt about any work that you intend to carry out please contact Rebbeck Brothers in order that we can help you with your query.


We strongly recommend that when considering replacement windows, written confirmation is obtained about the quality of the frames, sealed units and installation.

The particular standards to look out for are as follows:

UPVC FRAMES – Please ensure that these meet the standards of BS7412, BS7413, BS7414 or BS7722. These different British Standard numbers relate to different types or finishes.

DOUBLE GLAZED SEALED UNITS – Please ensure that these comply with BS5713.

TIMBER WINDOWS – These should comply with BS644.

ALUMINIUM WINDOWS – These should comply with BS4873.

SECURITYPAS 011 is a Product Approval Specification published by the British Standards Institute that indicates ‘improved;’ security performance of a window, it is not a full British Standard and it should always accompany the appropriate kite mark for that type of window for example, BS7412-PAS011 for UPVC windows.

INSTALLATION – The code of practise that related to the installation of replacement windows is BS8213; part 4 1990. This is a British Standard but is not a Kite mark scheme.

In many respects and in our experience as Managing Agents it is the quality of the installation of the window which is the most important factor and the one which causes more problems than any of the others.


  1. The Contractor Must be a member of FENSA. (See attached Important Notes). A copy of the FENSA Certification upon completion must be supplied to the Managing Agents Standard Requirements for the Installation of Replacement Windows
  2. A guarantee for a minimum of ten years and the inclusion of the name of the Landlord or Management Company on guarantee. A copy of the guarantee to be sent to Rebbeck Brothers. An undertaking from the installer that any subsequent damage resulting to the block from the installation of the windows will be rectified.
  3. The design of the double glazed window frames must be the exact configuration of the existing windows, including the cills. The specification together with the design drawings must be submitted to Rebbeck Brothers.
  4. A copy of the risk assessment for the installation to be sent to the Managing Agents before work commences.
  5. All installation work to comply with current Health and Safety requirements and comply with BS8213; part 4 1990. This is a British Standard but is not a kitemark scheme.
  6. The installer to supply to the Managing Agents a copy of its Public Liability Insurance.
  7. If the property is located within a conservation area, approval from the local authority will also be required and a copy sent to the Managing Agents.
  8. The installation of new windows does not obviate the lessee from the maintenance responsibilities set out in the Lease.
  9. Replaced windows/frames become the sole responsibility of the Lessee to maintain and replace. The landlord or management company will not take responsibility in any respect regarding replacement windows.
  10. An administrative charge will be made at a minimum of £144.00 including VAT, but otherwise dependant on the time involved.
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