Alteration Consent


It is accepted and understood that flat owners may wish to upgrade and modernise their property, from time to time, as well as to carry out essential maintenance work. In fact, in many cases, we welcome such enhancements and improvements which can only ultimately add value to the block. This means that residents are prepared to tolerate a certain amount of noise, dust and disruption, as a means to an end, provided it is kept to a minimum. At the same time, owners carrying out such works have a responsibility to all other residents to ensure that all contractors treat them and their homes with due care and respect.

To help in this regard we have set out the following:

As and when any resident owners wish to refurbish their flat by way of replacing kitchens, bathrooms, floors etc or by carrying out any other potentially noisy and disruptive work, the following procedure must be adopted and this form completed and sent to Rebbeck Brothers. This should be done at the earliest opportunity and certainly prior to the commencement of any particular project in order that we can check whether any formal consent will be required.

    Contact Details

    Type of work to be undertaken

    If the configuration of the flat is altered in any way, or you are undertaking major alterations, a request for consent needs to be submitted to the Managing Agent in accordance with the lease, prior to the commencement of the work. If any of the internal walls are to be removed, we also require plans or a drawing to confirm this.

    Project Details

    Contractor's Details

    The Contractor's insurance policy must be checked.

    Method of disposing of debris, rubbish etc.

    Is a Skip Required? *YesNo

    The placement of the skip needs to be approved by the Directors

    Immediate Neighbours Advised *YesNo
    Those living above, below and adjacent. Preferably by personal visit.

    Notices advising all residents of the works put up in the following areas

    Lift *YesNo
    On the front door *YesNo
    On the rear door *YesNo

    Any other information or comments

    Other Requirements and Essential Information

    Lease and Regulations

    Your attention drawn to the terms of your Lease governing alterations to the building and the days and hours in which the work can be undertaken. If you intend to carry out any electrical, plumbing and gas works, completion certificates and compliance with Building Regulations must be provided. Replacement windows should be referred to the managing agents under a separate consent form.

    Floor covering

    To protect the ‘quiet enjoyment’ that all residents are entitled to, and as quoted in the Lease, you will need to check the requirements of your lease with regards to floor coverings.

    Damage to property

    As a safeguard, prior to work starting, it is in the best interests of all concerned for an inventory check to be made by the owner and contractor, to establish any existing damage to any part of the building that is likely to be used by the contractor or their suppliers etc., so that they cannot be held responsible for any reparation work subsequently identified. However, if it can be shown that damage to the decor, carpets etc can be directly attributed to the contractors or their suppliers, this will need to be remedied and/or compensation made to your block or to other individual owners if their property has been damaged in any way.

    Clearing up at the end of each day.

    It is essential that all communal areas including carpets, etc as well as the car park areas are left clean and tidy.

    Please be aware that this is a formal process under the terms of the lease and fees will apply. The minimum charge is £180 + VAT for consent to be provided depending on the work to be involved.