Rebbeck Brothers – Easing of Lockdown

I am sure like us, you are relieved that the easing of the lockdown has started. Small steps, but steps no less !!

Following the publication of the Government guidelines on working safely during Covid-19, we have been busy rearranging our own office. While the team have been working at home, we have been removing desks and setting up safe work stations to enable a reduced number to work in the office on an occasional basis. We recognise the importance of our team having access to a ‘workplace hub’ with printers and other facilities, as well as safe interaction with their colleagues and line managers. However, as per the guidelines, wherever we can, our team will continue to mainly operate from home, utilising our cloud based management and accounting software and internet based telephone – this enables us to operate from any location and to continue to provide a seamless service to you.

From Monday 1st June, members of the team will be working from the office for at least one day per week. Property managers will also be contacting the blocks they work with in order to start the process of arranging site inspections and set up meetings. All directors meetings and AGMs will be arranged using Zoom – where we have trialled this, it has worked extremely well and has certainly been more convenient for many of those attending. Minutes will continue to be prepared and circulated via email (and post where we have no email). We have provided property managers with PPE for when they are on site – they will also wear a high-vis vest, carry an ID lanyard and display their contact details in their car. Please continue to contact your property manager with any queries or questions in the usual way – you should have their email, direct dial and mobile. If not, check the signature strip on any recent email from them, visit our team page on this website or contact the office – we are here to help you.

We are also pleased to report that many of the contractors we work with are starting to ramp up their service again and are programming in non-emergency and routine work. Like our own team, they should continue to follow the Government guidelines, wear appropriate PPE and practice social distancing when working at your block. We are very grateful to all of our contractors who have provided an excellent service over the last few months.

…. and finally, as a gentle reminder for our clients living in holiday areas.whilst we inevitably expect to see an increase in day trippers (who should remain outdoors), we understand that the Government guidelines do not yet allow for second home owners to stay at their properties. This is to try and help prevent excessive movement between areas (second home owners accessing internal areas) and the spread of the virus. On behalf of those residents who have contacted us about this, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We trust that this keeps you updated and hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and start to enjoy increased contact with your family, friends and neighbours as the lockdown is eased. You have all helped build a strong community spirit over the lockdown period and this can only be to the benefit of us all in the future.