Rebbeck Brothers – Update and Emergency Contractors

As we head towards the bank holiday weekend, I have set out below some updated information on the contractors who are available to help in the case of an emergency. We are very grateful to all the contractors we work with who have continued to provide an excellent service throughout the lockdown period.

I am sure like us, you were eagerly awaiting the Prime Minister’s announcements on Sunday and the easing of the lockdown over the coming weeks and months. Once we are able to do so, we will reopen our office, but it is likely that some of the team will continue to work from home as part of the nations adjustment to a new way of working.

Over the last few weeks I have been encouraging our team to ‘pick up the phone’ and we have spoken to a large proportion of our 2500 residents. We have held a number of Zoom directors meetings and will be rolling this system out for AGMs – we hope that this system will enable even more of you to be able to attend meetings and contribute towards the running of your block. We will let you have further details in due course.

I know we are all bombarded with statistics on a daily basis, but it is interesting to note that of the approximately 2500 flats that we are involved with, to date we have only be made aware of 4 flats where occupants have isolated due to suspected virus – this low reported occurrence (admittedly anecdotal) is testament to your commitment to Stay At Home and protect our front line key workers.

Thank you.