Property Management Director Joe Mellery-Pratt reflects on emerging from ‘a very challenging year’

At Rebbeck Brothers we now are looking forward to inviting clients back into their office.

This comes at a time when the office is being renovated with a more modern décor.

There is also the addition of a new conference room, fully fitted out with a Zoom bar to allow clients to join into meetings from the comfort of their own home as well as well as being welcomed back into the office if they prefer.

Our dedicated team has already adopted a hybrid working practice which includes home and office working.

This along with a number of key IT upgrades for staff puts us in a great position for providing outstanding service to our valued clients.

But what a year it has been.

Before the pandemic we used to be able to regularly welcome clients into our office located in the heart of Bournemouth, but Covid put paid to that.

But our team at Rebbeck Brothers continued to work hard to ensure that residents were supported throughout the pandemic and were able to live safely in their homes.

We kept annual general meetings very much alive in a Zoom format so we could maintain that all important contact with our clients.

We also had to put procedures in place very quickly. The office needed to be closed for safety reasons and we are only now looking at opening to the public again.

However, we adapted well with many of the staff making the immediate change to home working – and we also managed to keep the office running with a skeleton staff to ensure the post was opened, keys were released, and that we continued to provide a high level of management service.

Despite the immense challenges of the last 12 months the team has been fantastic, overcoming obstacles they never imagined would come their way.

I am very proud of all the staff at Rebbeck Brothers who have been so dedicated and committed – which is one of the reasons we have managed to get through this.

I would also like to thank our clients who have been very understanding during this difficult year.

Onwards and upwards as we return to some sort of normality.