Decoration to external and internal common parts of buildings

Decorating the internal and external parts of a block of flats can greatly enhance its appearance and create a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors. Here are some ideas for decorating both the internal and external parts of a block of flats:

Internal Decoration:

  1. Add plants and flowers: Bringing greenery and flowers inside the building can help create a refreshing and calming environment for residents. Please note that this is subject to advice from the fire risk assessor.
  2. Use different colours and textures: Use a range of colours and textures on the walls, ceilings, and floors to add interest and depth to the building’s interior.
  3. Install artwork: Art can help create a focal point in communal areas such as the lobby and hallways, and can also create a sense of community by showcasing local artists.
  4. Improve lighting: Ensure that there is adequate lighting in the communal areas and consider adding accent lighting to highlight features such as artwork and plants.


External Decoration:

  1. Paint the exterior: A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to the appearance of a building, and can help it stand out in the surrounding area.
  2. Install lighting: Use outdoor lighting to illuminate the building’s exterior, highlighting its architectural features and making it more visible at night.
  3. Create green spaces: Adding planters and landscaping can help create a more inviting atmosphere and add to the curb appeal of the building.
  4. Add signage: Use signage to make the building more visible and easier to find, and to display important information such as contact details and emergency procedures.

By using these ideas, you can improve the appearance and ambiance of your block of flats, making it a more pleasant place to live for residents and a more attractive property for potential buyers or renters.